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Exporting to 30 Countries - Ata Buttons

Founded in the year 2000 with the purpose of making imports and sales, Ata Buttons took a step forward with a decision to initiate production for all metal textile accessory imports in 2008 and applied the decision it took into serious work in the year 2010 by starting production in Turkey.

Ata Buttons currently processes 120 tons of brass and 50 tons of raw materials in its facilities, continues to serve as a company open to innovations with its 4.100 m² production area and 400 m² showroom store. It is a leading company within the sector with its traditional values and innovative service quality.

World's Leading Brands Prefer Ata Buttons

Ata Buttons, which has been an indispensable part of the textile sector, combines the sensitivity of the past with the vision that sheds light on the future and makes its name with its exports to 30 countries. With its vision focused on tradition and innovation, it always provides customer satisfaction with its respectful services to the environment and people. Enjoying the rightful pride of turning into becoming a producer by establishing manufacturing facilities to produce its import products in Turkey.

Products Directing the Textile Sector is at Ata Buttons

Ata Buttons, which presents the best quality products to its customers, is the leading company of the sector that exports to 30 countries in the world. Hundreds of product range, traditional and innovational features, fast and transparent service are among some of the concepts which Ata Buttons pay serious attention and does not compromise on them with no terms. Ata Buttons, which is open to innovations, is among the first choices with its strong references.