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Environmental Policy - Ata Buttons

Our company is aware that a clean nature is the most valuable heritage to be left to the next generations and makes production as an environmentally sensitive company. While producing elegant, aesthetic, stylish, and popular products, it does not harm the environment and continues its production as an institutionalized and environmentally friendly company.

  • We work without polluting the environment with our environmentally conscious employees in the entire process from design to production and continue on our way by eliminating the elements that cause destruction.
  • We continuously improve our environmental policy and quality and contribute to raising the environmental awareness of our suppliers and customers.
  • We eliminate the pollution processes in the production resources and control the effects that will create danger at the design stage.
  • Like air, water, waste management, and environmental management system, we do our part for a livable environment with all our employees.
  • We continue our R & D activities for the environment and continue on our way without taking risks in environmental health.