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OHS Policy - Ata Buttons

Ata Textile Accessories Import and Export Co. Ltd, as being a very strong applicator of occupation, health and safety producers, considers the determination of the hazards, which are the priority of the pro-active approach, with the foresights based on the knowledge gained through research and examination, and the implementation of the measures to be taken at this stage, without exception, among the priorities of our business, in the measures and practices regarding Occupational Health and Safety.

Fulfilling the requirements of the OHS policy will be possible with the participation and cooperation of the Employer and all other employees in order to achieve their goals and commitments. We will carry out an effective risk assessment in order to minimize the risks of possible work accidents and occupational diseases by determining the dangers of unsafe situations and behaviors in all areas where we operate, especially in production in our factory,

Fire, flood, earthquake, radioactive spread, sabotage, explosion, etc. For extraordinary situations requiring an emergency, we will prepare an emergency action plan and the emergency teams to be established in the prepared plan will be trained on the actions to be taken through training and exercises, when necessary, in cooperation with the fire department, We will take the necessary measures to eliminate the risks of work accidents and occupational diseases in the entire field, including the production in the factory, to maintain an ergonomically healthy and safe working environment, and to achieve our goal of "Zero work accident",

In the factory, arrangements will be made that will affect the applicability of the actions to be taken in emergency situations in areas such as machine maintenance, machine layouts, material storage and stacking points, and necessary improvements will be made with fire and earthquake drills to be held twice a year,

In order to ensure continuous development, we will investigate and report the root causes of every situation that carries a health and safety risk, share these prepared reports with the management and OHS committee members at the meetings we will hold with the OHS board we have formed, and also be in communication and consultation with our other employees, we will provide the resources for the correction works, and we will monitor the performance development with audits, Our employees, subcontractors, suppliers, visitors, etc. We will implement practices and contribute to their development so that our stakeholders act in accordance with the procedures, communiqués, and instructions regarding the legal regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety,

We undertake to develop our Occupational Health and Safety Management System, based on the principle of continuous improvement, through consultation with our employees.