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Mission & Vision - Ata Buttons

Ata Buttons, which makes the trendiest collection works of the season, performs production at international standards. Being a successful and pioneer firm in the textile accessories field in Turkey, incorporating one of the top lace producing factories into its structure located in Ordu city in Turkey has not merely enlargened the production capacity of the company at large but also presenting and contributing a great deal of finance to the national economy with professional design and quality production.

         Ata Buttons responds to the expectations of its customers in the fastest and highest quality with its employees who do not compromise on honesty and quality. As a company that constantly researches and develops, it manufactures at European standards.

         Ata Buttons, all together with fast service delivery, elegant understanding of quality and production always aims to the best that provides benefit to the national economy. Making it a prime target to help grow the country’s economy, the company has made it a definite goal to manufacture brass accessories in Turkey that originally was produced in the far east.

         As a company that respects customer rights and values without sacrificing business ethics and honesty, it continues to progress towards branding.