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Experience - Ata Buttons

Founded in 2000, Ata Buttons took its first steps within textile industry by importing textile accessories. As of July 2013, rather than importing, Ata Buttons took a step towards producing accessories in Turkey of which it was already importing, causing a positive effect in lowering the import ratio of the company by a decent %9.

          Although still importing from the Far East, Ata Buttons showcased a great effort and initiated manufacturing prong snap buttons and goods, which it used to import from China costing a $ 5 million annually since 2009.

          As of July 2013, Ata Buttons started directly supplying 80% of the products that it sells from the factory, and within its structure, there included one other company producing jeans buttons and rivets.

In this respect, together with the products Ata Buttons produces from brass material, it also started to produce iron material for the shoe industry.


          Ata Buttons, operating on an area of 4,100 m² in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone, has a processing capacity of 120 tons of raw materials per month.

Ata Buttons’ friendly and expert staff at our sale store located on Zafer Street in Merter Suburb with more than 2.000 domestically manufactured garment accessories is looking forward to happily welcome you.