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800 Types of Products - Ata Buttons

Having a capacity of 120 tons of brass and 50 tons of raw materials per month in its production facilities, Ata Button leaves behind its competitors with its 800 products that are continuous. Founded in 2000 and imported products with the decision taken in 2008, offers a service leading the industry as the company started to produce in Turkey since 2010.

Wide Product Range

Ata Buttons, does not compromise on innovation, fast service and quality with a production area of 4,100 m² and a showroom store of 400 m², offers services with a range of 800 products. Ata Buttons, which has come to these days with a rapid development period and continuity in renewing itself, presents its products to whole world by making production in European standards. By manufacturing textile accessory products imported form far east contributes a value to Turkish economy. Within the framework of sustainability principle, it always provides customer satisfaction with quality services.

Reliable Address in Accessory

Ata Buttons, which closely follows the innovations and developments in the accessory production is indispensable in the textile sector and meets every need with the trendiest product types. As a company that provides services within the framework of sustainability, development and quality principles, it offers a fast and reliable service. Spring snap buttons, prong snap buttons, eyelets, jeans button, rivets, pins, hooks, wire buckle, paw nails and badge buttons are within the category of dozens of products with the desired size, color and designs produced within the framework of sustainability which are offered to its customers. Ata Buttons, which constantly innovates together with its Research & Development studies creates difference with unique accessories, is among the first choices as a reliable address in textile accessories.

Always focusing on development, innovation, quality, fast solutions and customer satisfaction, Ata Buttons makes a name for itself in the sector with its productions and product types that shape the future.