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15 Million Products Manufactured Daily

Since initiating production of the textile accessories imported from overseas in 2010, Ata Buttons, with its wide range of brass and sheet products, continues to provide services to customers with the principle of being a company open to innovations and sustainability. Making the trendiest seasonal collection works, Ata Buttons outperforms its competitors with a production amount of 15 million pieces of accessory per day.

Wide Range of Top Trend Products

Without compromising on honesty and quality and responding to its customers in the fastest and highest quality manner, Ata Button always leaves its competitors behind as a company aiming for excellence and seeking innovation. Ata Buttons, spring snap buttons, prong snap buttons, eyelets, paw nails, molds, collar tips, metal tips and machinery, metal collars, shoe and saddlery products, fasteners, rivets and pins, hooks and wire buckles from alloyed metal accessories to jeans buttons, offers the best quality service.

Sustainability in Service

Providing an uninterrupted service with its product diversity and sustainability principle in production, Ata Buttons offers quality and reliable service from design to production with environmental awareness. Without compromising on the principle of sustainability, it always demonstrates its difference by providing customer satisfaction-oriented service. Always in the pursuit of innovation and constantly renewing itself keeps the pulse of the industry. It provides fast and transparent service by producing 15 million pieces daily in the trendiest products. Quality, trust, innovation, sustainability, experience, fast and quality service features with the right to be a leader in the sector since its inception is proud.