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Vt2 Mini Spring Snap Button with Hidden Cap and Logo

Vt2 mini spring snap buttons with hidden cap and logo are made of brass. The product is resistant to corrosion. It is used when the hidden cap portion is desired to remain inside the fabric. Hidden cap spring snap button serves as opening and closing material which brings the two sides of the fabric as such shirts, knitwear, Jean shirts, baby and children's products together.

54 hidden caps spring snap buttons consist of 4 parts.

These are;

  • Vt2 Hidden cap with logo,
  • Hidden cap (54) socket,
  • (54) stud,
  • Hidden cap (54) post

In combination with special fastening molds; In hand press, In arm machine, In motored and automatic machines. Measure; 54 hidden cap spring snap buttons are produced in different sizes by Ata Buttons, please check the reference table for the possible dimensions.

Vt2 mini spring snap buttons with hidden cap come with pressed logo.

At Ata Buttons, we can come to a clearer understanding and help you better if we receive mock-up products of 54 hidden cap spring snap buttons pressing from you and make experiments on them. It is important that there is no pile difference in the fabric where the pressing is made. We can also provide you with information on how to press buttons by preparing a data sheet report. 54 hidden cap spring snap buttons can be produced in the desired colors by selecting color variation from the coating chart.

For order and information supply, you can contact our customer representatives through the contact page and request samples before ordering. 

9 MM
10 MM
12 MM
14 MM
16 MM