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Brass Flat Eyelets

Brass Flat Eyelets
Brass Flat Eyelets
Brass Flat Eyelets
Brass Flat Eyelets
Brass Flat Eyelets
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  • Stylish design on clothes
  • Corrosion resistancy
  • OEKOTEX certification compatibility
  • Mind blowing design
  • Use in dress for ornamental purposes


Brass flat eyelets are resistant to corrosion. They can be used for ornamental and functional purposes to add visuality depending on where it is used. Although, brass eyelets have a wide range of area to be used, it is mostly used in shoes, shirts, blouses, work clothes, knitwear, jean shirts, baby and children products. The lower part varies depending on the place it is used.

Brass flat eyelet consists of 3 parts.

These are;

  • Eyelet or capsule piece,
  • Plastic washer,
  • Metal washer,


In combination with special fastening molds;

  • In hand press,
  • In armed machine,
  • In motored and automatic machines.


Brass flat eyelets can be manufactured in the dimensions specified by Ata Buttons reference table.


Brass flat eyelets can be produced with logo.  (You can contact Ata Buttons authorities by filling the form on the contact page for logo printing).


At Ata Buttons, we can come to a clearer understanding and help you better if we receive mock-up products for where the brass eyelets will be pressed. Then, we can make experiments on them. If there is any pile difference on the fabric, we suggest that open holes before the pressing took place. We can also provide you with information on how to press the brass flat eyelets by preparing a data sheet report. Brass eyelets can be produced in desired colors by selecting them from the coating chart.

For order and information supply, you can contact our customer representatives through the contact page and request samples before ordering.

Dimensions - D (Outter) x H (Height) x d (Inner)
17 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 7,5 mm x 4,65 mm x 3,5 mm
2 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 8,5 mm x 5,30 mm x 4,44 mm
3 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 9,70 mm x 5,45 mm x 4,90 mm
4 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 11,68 mm x 6,61 mm x 4,90 mm
5 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 15,04 mm x 5,21 mm x 7,38 mm
24 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 18,94 mm x 6,37 mm x 9,39 mm
25 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 21,55 mm x 6 mm x 12 mm
26 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 21,45 mm x 5,56 mm x 11,76 mm
28 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 25,05 mm x 6,90 mm x 12,79 mm
29 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 28 mm x 7,70 mm x 15,90 mm
31 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 31,51 mm x 7,85 mm x 17,14 mm
34 No Brass Flat Eyelet - 48,11 mm x 7,97 mm x 27,40 mm