Buttons are indispensable in terms of function and accessory for different pieces of clothing.

Ata Manufacturing's garment types that integrate and shape the garments, stand out today with many model structures. Buttons used for combining and decorating opposite sides in clothing vary according to their usage. But with trendy designs in common, the trend should offer elegance; durable and comfortable use.

Use of Different Buttons According to Model Structures

The buttons are no longer considered to merely merge two sides. It is one of the indispensable designs of the fashion world, especially as a visually complementary accessory model. For example, buttons can be used under metal, plastic or wooden model structure in accordance with sporty-scale clothing types. Of course, simple designs with a minimalist approach are evaluated on different pieces of clothing to provide a more effective and mature image.

Custom Button Models for a More Stylish Look

Among the iconic accessories of the fashion world, the most important buttons are the indispensable parts of the dresses. Many different button models are evaluated under the appearance of ivory, mother of pearl, veneer, glass and bead. These buttons are more prominent in elegant clothes for special events and events. It is frequently evaluated by fashion experts to capture a more impressive look and to stand out as a complement.

Buttons to Match Any Garment

Stylish buttons are used in garments in many different shapes under a visually wide range. But not only in terms of shape, but also in large or small designs, depending on their size, the buttons also provide dazzling elegance. In addition to its model structures, it adorns clothes under its colorful designs. The fashion world, especially in recent years, more trendy clothes with more unusual buttons. Would you like to take a look at Ata İmalat's button models?