Eyelet models used in different products from belts to bags, shoes and clothes are indispensable for handcrafted and hobby products.

Eyelet models, which can be used in different products from belts to bags, shoes and clothes manufactured by Ata Manufacturing, are also indispensable for handcrafted and hobby products. Molds prepared with different lengths, colors, patterns and materials provide longer life of the products they are used.

Make your dream product come true!

Eyelet molds that are easily used in fabrics of different thickness and feature are two-part. Products that add value to designs that cannot be fully supplied with the button are preferred for a flawless appearance. Eyelet parts can be produced in different sizes according to the need, while providing the solidity of the printed product and making the imagined designs come true.

Eyelet apparatus, which is seen abundantly on hobby products, can be used for long time and safely. Eyelets, which are used as binding pieces in different fields from advertising to textile sector, generally have a round design. Our products, which add visuality and durability to design, make a difference in the field with Ata Manufacturing quality.

Special Production Opportunity

Always renewing itself and focusing on customer satisfaction, our company provides special production service in accordance with the need. Eyelets that have functional features where they are used can sometimes be considered just as a metal accessory. Bags, shoes and clothes on the eye-eye apparatus, the product color and design should be selected in accordance with the specifications.

Round molds of different sizes are generally preferred, while brass shaped eyelets are among the most popular choices of recent years. Models with curved, flat, hexagonal or oval tabs have different height, outer and inner diameter dimensions. Adding value to long-lasting and durable fabrics, metal parts are prepared in quality suitable for washing or outdoor use.

Before ordering a product that suits your needs, you can review our models on our website and see our product-specific design suggestions. With the privilege of online service, you can easily complete your order and have your products delivered to the desired address.