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Prong Snap Button

Having offered to the market in metal, Prong Snap Button products are today still used so. Manufactured diversely in terms of production, these products are readily available.

With sewable and pressable models, the prong snap buttons continue to add style to coats, jackets and trousers. You can order and use the snaps in varying sizes from 21 mm to 6,8 mm. You can check out the products offered in many different options fitting to all of your apparels while the product diversity of it is increasing day by day. Nowadays when the snaps are made of metal since the plastic version of them are unpreferable due to the difficulty to use, the caps of the snaps are changeable. Offered non-spring in pronged or tubular types, the product is very practical to use.

This product which temporarily connects two fabrics and allows them to be disconnected and reconnected easily is called so due to the sound it emits when being disconnected & re-connected. It is available in varying types and consists of 4 components. You can use those made of plastics depending of your area of application. The product is mostly used in apparel and bag manufacturing. It can be removed by use of an automatic machine or a removal dies.

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